Examination Services

Our Process

Perform comprehensive and/or targeted examinations of insurers, risk retention groups and captives under the direction of the Department of Insurance as required under pertinent statutes and regulations.

Follow all applicable examination procedures as set forth in the NAIC Financial Condition Examiners Handbook and/or Market Regulation Handbook, and any requirements in the Department's own Financial or Market Conduct Examiner's Manuals.

Observe and support functions relevant to the NAIC Financial Regulation Accreditation Program.

Adopt and incorporate the NAIC Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual into the examination process.

Exam Results

Our examination experts will work with Department personnel to develop a comprehensive planning and scope document. The team will coordinate with designated actuaries and other specialists as needed.  The resulting plan will include estimated start, completion, supervisory review and exit interview dates.  It will recap an understanding of the methods and  assumptions to be used by the examiner, team, actuary, or any other specialists needed for the project.  The report will  be produced in hard copy with an electronic version available in Adobe or Word formats.  TeamMate or other similar  examination software tools are standard features used by our experts.  Finally, status reporting occurs on a twice monthly basis as a matter of routine.

Receivership Services

Intervene upon an order of examination to assist Department examiners or other experts to develop and implement a corrective action plan and monitor for compliance.

Staff and manage a seizure, conservation, rehabilitation, or liquidation event.

Coordinate with Guaranty Association(s), Department staff, and Attorneys General.

Develop plans relevant to the action contemplated (typically rehabilitation or liquidation).

Incorporate provisions of the NAIC’s Receivership Handbook, IRMA, or State specific guidelines as needed.

We will use reasonable judgment and experience to prepare a budget for each engagement based upon the client's requirements, policies, procedures and goals.