About Us

The Regulatory Consultants, Inc. team has some of the industry’s most experienced and highly respected professionals.  We have conducted numerous financial and market conduct examinations and are experts with insurance regulatory issues, Department of Insurance regulations, and NAIC guidance and accreditation requirements, including the new risk-focused guidance now incorporated within the Financial Condition Examiners Handbooks.  Partnering with Regulatory Consultants initiates the strongest and most reliable resource to achieve your regulatory goals.

Regulatory Consultants’ experts include individuals who are highly skilled in enterprise risk management (ERM) and 

financial and market conduct examinations. Our experts are capable of assisting insurance departments with sensitive and high profile issues related to troubled insurance companies, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, IT controls, accreditation, and every aspect of regulatory intervention up to and including liquidation.  In short, cradle to grave business needs can be 

fulfilled by our experts.

We'd like you to meet the Regulatory Consultants Executive Management Team.